According to a recently released study from Change the Equation, an organization that supports STEM education, there are 3.6 unemployed workers for every job in the United States. That compares with only one unemployed STEM worker for two unfilled STEM jobs throughout the country. Many jobs are going unfilled simply for lack of people with the right skill sets. Even with more than 13 million Americans unemployed, the manufacturing sector cannot find people with the skills to take nearly 600,000 unfilled jobs, according to a study last fall by the Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte.

The hardest jobs to fill were skilled positions, including well-compensated blue collar jobs like machinists, operators, and technicians, as well as engineering technologists and sciences.

Catawba County Schools Career Technical Programs offer students many options to begin the journey to a local high-wage, high-skilled career.  Through the Career and College Promise partnership with CVCC, we have even more course offerings than ever available for our students. Check out some of the new and exciting programs we are working on for our students.


Health Occupations

CTE in Our Schools

  • Bandys High School
  • Bunker Hill High School
  • Fred Foard High School
  • Maiden High School
  • Saint Stephens High School

Local Education Partners



Middle School Extreme STEM Tours

High School Robotics

North Carolina Center for Engineering Technologies

In the Catawba Valley Region of North Carolina, we strive to give our students educational pathways to a successful hometown career.  Don't miss out on this opportunity because you are misinformed or unaware of what is available.